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Omni-ID – A Cody Gate Portfolio Company

As a company who will be spinning off from QinetiQ, a European defense and security company based in the United Kingdom, there is an amazing amount of potential for Omni-ID and its radio frequency identification (RFID) product in the current and future marketplace. New, innovative products and uses are routinely being introduced and RFID strategies are unfolding across vertical markets and industries, including retail, pharmaceutical packaging, healthcare, defense, IT, telecommunications, and electronic goods. In the future RFID tags will be used by objects that need to be tracked and readily identified.

Though Omni-ID’s RFID products are one of the most technological advanced products in the market, it is hard to show off its full potential in material. To gain higher market share, we helped Omni-ID create a sales presentation kit. The look of the presentation kit resembles a jewelry box. The Omni-ID tags are carefully fixed in a solid, non-conductive foam material. The result was a stunning, world-class product presentation. The customer responses were tremendous.


Inside the product presentation case is a 24 -page brochure that showed off much of the Omni-ID tag’s function and benefits.


A short video Square Two Design produced to show off Omni-ID’s innovative business application, “RFID on demand” concept.